Leaders in Economic Alliance Development

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What is LEAD?

Leaders in Economic Alliance Development, or LEAD, is designed to build capacity in counties or regions through a short partnership development and planning process that enables local residents to accomplish a goal. The purpose of LEAD is to accomplish specific tasks during each session that will lead toward the development of leadership skills and a short plan that can be implemented by the team.

  • Leaders – Focuses on building and strengthening leadership skills in the community
  • Economic – Concentrates on opportunities to enhance the local economy
  • Alliance – Fosters the development of new partnerships within the community
  • Development – Gets things done!

What Are the Steps of LEAD

  • 1. Identify members for a strong team
  • 2. Explore the community’s interests and concerns
  • 3. Generate a plan of action to pursue at least one opportunity

  • 4. Take action to accomplish the plan

LEAD Informational Flyer

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