Plan of Work
Regional Innovations, National Applications
FY 2014


At its annual meeting in late 2011, the SRDC's 15-member Technical and Operational Advisory Committee (TOAC) recommended that the SRDC maintain its focus on the three priorities that emerged from the Center's strategic plan published in July 2007. In the view of TOAC, these priorities remain relevant and vital to the sustainability of rural communities in the region. With the subsequent endorsement by the Center's Board of Directors, the SRDC proposes to continue its work along the lines of the three key priorities under which it has operated over the past five years. The FY14 plan of work, therefore, incorporates both expansion of existing initiatives and launching of new approaches aligning with the three strategic priorities of the Center.

  1. Fostering Civic-Minded Communities
  2. Building Economically Vibrant Communities
  3. Expanding Opportunities for Distressed and Low-Wealth Communities

The following document outlines the Center's FY2014 plan of work, which is the result of careful input provided by the Center's TOAC and Board. As such, it delineates key activities that the SRDC will continue in FY14, as well as new efforts that it will launch in order to further advance the Center's important priorities.