Skill Sets

Management skills include the following:

  • Technical skills related to producing the products (goods and services) of a business.
  • Technical skills related to marketing the products of a business.
  • Organizational and human resource skills to help the people working in a business accomplish the tasks related to the production and marketing of the products of the business.
  • Financial skills to make the financial resources of the business go as far as possible relative to producing and marketing the products of the business.

In addition, good managers need some special skills such as:

  • Abilities to break down complicated tasks into simple tasks
  • Abilities to organize simple tasks to accomplish complicated objectives.
  • Abilities to analyze problems with an eye toward finding the most complete and efficient solutions.

While successful entrepreneurs need to have such characteristics as:

  • Passion for what they do.
  • Creativity and ability to innovate.
  • Willingness and capability for taking risks.

Both managers and entrepreneurs need skills such as:

  • Initiative.
  • Abilities to work well with and influence others.
  • Ability to take charge of things.
  • Perseverance.
  • Abilities to organize and plan.