Ideas on Skills

Characteristics Complement

Conveniently, the special characteristics of good managers do not conflict with the special characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. In fact, they complement each other. A good entrepreneur will be a better entrepreneur if he or she also has good management skills. And a good manager will be a better manager if he or she has good entrepreneurial skills. In today's dynamic, competitive economic world, business decision makers must have both good management skills and good entrepreneurial skills. In different specific situations, one type of skill may be more critical than the other. However, over the long term, for most businesses, both types of skills are needed in roughly equal proportions. So, the people who successfully start-up, manage, grow, initiate, and carry out change in today's businesses tend not to be just managers or just entrepreneurs, but rather versatile manager-entrepreneurs.

Full development of the skills of a good manager-entrepreneur is a never ending process. Substantial development of such skills involves a long and steep learning curve. However, such substantial development of skills is a practical requirement for success in three critical parts of the C.A.R.E. model.

Creation, Retention and Expansion!