Focus! Focus! Focus!

By their nature, entrepreneurs are creative people. They have lots of ideas -- usually more than they can carry out. So it can be very important for entrepreneurs to focus on just one, or at most, a very few good ideas. If you are considering going into a new business, or making major changes (such as adding product lines) in an existing one, and you are trying to decide on what enterprise or enterprises that business should be based, focus on what you know you can produce and what you are sure you can market.

Note: Marketing is defined as everything you do to prepare your goods and services for the marketplace.

Worksheet 3 (description)

Further research is required on those products that don't have two checks before you should consider adopting them as part of your business product line.

Research Tips:

  • If you have checked products as "producible," but not as "marketable," look for examples of how these products are marketed.
  • If you cannot find marketing examples of products you know you can produce, you may want to use information from other sources, such as your local Small Business Administration, to help you with a market analysis of your product. To locate an office near you, go to