Strategic Planning Concepts

Mission Statement


  • A community philosophy for development.
  • Abroad statement of the overall goal or goals of the process.

Examples of Mission Statements

  • To make Clinton a better place to live, to work, and to conduct business.
  • To create an environment that allows Stroud to provide reasonable business growth and employment opportunities for Stroud residents.
  • To re-establish Oklahoma as a strong economic entity with a more stable economic environment.

Mission statement defines the range and limits of activity for the total organization. Questions such as the following are answered:

  • Who are we serving?
  • What markets will be served?
  • What are the major outputs or products of the organization?
  • What are the major commitments of the organization?
  • What defines the organizations' constraints?
  • What functions does the organization perform?
  • For whom does the organization perform these functions?
  • How does the organization fulfill these functions?