Strategic Planning Concepts



  • Are specific targets.
  • Are based on more than wishful thinking.
  • Contain a sense of economic reality.
  • Provides specific direction for the planning process.

Examples of Objectives

  • Make the area more attractive to customers by June of next year.
  • Add street amenities (benches, planters) -Bring in new stores.
  • Clean up the downtown area
  • Make shopping more convenient by June of next year.
  • Provide more short-term on-street parking.
  • Provide access to alley parking.
  • Add parking lot in specified location.
  • Give the area a town center feeling by January of next year.
  • Renovate library and make it a focal point.
  • Schedule town events, such as parades.

Objectives should ideally describe:

  • The key result to be achieved.
  • Numerical measures of progress.
  • Target date for completion.