Community Data Center

Demographics, Education, Components of Population Change, Housing, Poverty & Employment

  • Net migration was obtained from the components of population change data rather than adding the individual components; net migration includes residual population
  • Average building permit value was calculated by dividing the total value of building permits by the total number of building permits
  • Child poverty rate was calculated by dividing the total people under age 18 in poverty by the total population under age 18

Income, Employment, Establishments, Farms, Travel Time to Work

  • Median Household income for metro and nonmetro areas was calculated by multiplying the percent of a particular county's population to the area's population by the median household income for that particular county. The resulting shares of median household income were added up for that particular area.
  • Per capita market income was calculated by subtracting transfer receipts of individuals from government from total personal income and dividing it by the total population; average self-employed income was calculated by dividing the total nonfarm proprietor income by the total number nonfarm proprietors; average wage & salary income was calculated by dividing the total wage & salary disbursements by the total wage & salary employed