Who do I contact
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Dr. Lionel 'Bo' Beaulieu

Project Director
(662) 325-3207 or ljb@srdc.msstate.edu

Dr. Dan Brook

Professor & Head Emeritus
(662) 325-2236 or danb@ext.msstate.edu

Dr. Roberto Gallardo

Assistant Extension Professor
(662) 325-9426 or robertog@srdc.msstate.edu

Mr. Chance McDavid

Region 1 Broadband Coordinator
(601) 857-2284 or chancem@ext.msstate.edu

Mr. Andy Collins

Region 2 Broadband Coordinator
(228) 388-4710 or acollins@ext.msstate.edu

Mr. Michael Anderson

Region 3 Broadband Coordinator
(601) 635-7011 or mikea@ext.msstate.edu

Mr. Duan Walker

Region 4 Broadband Coordinator
(662) 686-3205 or cwalker@ext.msstate.edu

Ms. Kourtney Hollingsworth

Region 5 Broadband Coordinator
(662) 429-1343 or kourtney@ext.msstate.edu

Mr. Charles 'Chip' Templeton

Region 6 Broadband Coordinator
(662) 325-0852 or chipt@ext.msstate.edu


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Small Business

If you are interested in obtaining copies of these materials, or if you would like a regional coordinator to present on any of these topics, please contact your regional coordinator. Refer to About Us for contact information.

A Beginner's Guide to e-Commerce -
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Connecting Communitites -
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Direct Marketing Food Specialty Products -
(Online Module)

Doing Business in the Cloud -

Electronic Retailing: Selling on the Internet -
(Online Module)

Getting your Business On the Map -

Helping Artisans Reach Global Markets -
(Online Module)

Marketing Your Business Online -

Mobile e-Commerce -

Turning a Profit Online - Using eBay and Paypal to Sell Your Small Business -

Security Squad: Keeping your Equipment and Information Safe -
(Online Module)