About Connecting Communities

The Connecting Communities guide is designed to provide the information and tools community leaders need to identify, develop and implement projects that improve:

  1. The availability of access to broadband connectivity across the community;
  2. The ability of organizations in the community to use digital technology to achieve their mission and goals; and
  3. The ability of individuals in the community to use digital technology to improve their social and economic well-being.

Connecting Communities is sponsored and funded by the Southern Rural Development Center through their 2005 Rural E-Commerce Extension Initiative Grants Program.

Connecting Communities was developed by:

Connecting Communities was updated in 2011 by:

  • William Shuffstall - Senior Extension Educator, Penn State Cooperative Extension - shuffy@psu.edu
  • Monica L. Babine, Senior Associate, Program for Digital Initiatives Division of Governmental Studies & Services, Washington State University Extension & College of Liberal Arts - babinem@wsu.edu
  • Andy Lewis, Community and Economic Development Manager for the Building Community Capacity through Broadband (BCCB) initiative, University of Wisconsin Extension - andy.lewis@uwex.edu