Tell Your Story

Connecting Communities projects can demonstrate open communication and generous sharing of information and strategies in their community and to the outside world.

Tell Everyone About It

The Connecting Community leadership and project teams need to keep the community up-to-date about their progress. Some tools they can use are:

  • Blog on a free webserver like Blogger or Wordpress or post on other online sites.
  • Put together a Facebook site to keep the project teams, community and world up to date on your projects.
  • Maintain a project bulletin board at a local library, community center, or government office.
  • Publish articles in local papers.
  • Give interviews on local radio and television.
  • Report on progress at town meetings.
  • Make presentations at community organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, garden clubs, etc.
  • Distribute brochures about the project.

Share Your Story with Other Communities

Once your Connecting Communities project is completed or some of the goals are accomplished, tell your story to a larger audience. Your community has accomplished a great deal — now it's time to enjoy your "bragging rights." By sharing your story, you are helping other communities build their digital future. You can share your story using these tools:

  • Add your project to our list of Connecting Rural Communities Projects.
  • Issue a press release.
  • Make presentations at regional and national meetings.
  • Create a Google or Youtube video.
  • Make your project reports available online.

Congratulations, your hard work paid off! What's the next Connecting Communities project where you can Jump into Action?