General Overview

About Web Presence Strategies for Local Governments and Small Communities

The content in this module was developed by

Oklahoma State University

Dave Shideler and
Brian E. Whitacre

University of Nebraska

Connie K. Hancock

University of Tennessee

Michael D. Wilcox Jr.

About the curriculum

Ultimately, the goal of this curriculum is to position a community for success as they develop web-based strategies for community and economic development. In support of this goal, the authors use a conceptual model that incorporates four fundamental elements (applications) of a community: government, business, education and community groups (Figure 1). Using the Venn diagram, it shows that each of these elements overlap with another, finally culminating in “Quality of Life” where all four overlap.

eStrategies for Local Governments : Getting Your Community Online is sponsored and funded by the Southern Rural Development Center through its 2009 Rural E-Commerce Extension Initiative Grants Program.