Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Security Squad's Video Series, a learning module on how to keep your equipment and information safe. As a business owner, there are numerous actions that will help you minimize or eliminate equipment, data and identify theft that threatens you and your customers. The Security Squad's Video Series will provide you with general equipment and data safety information. The Security Squad Supplemental Planning Workbook provides the action tools to help you develop and implement a security plan for your own business.

The following topics are covered in different Security Squad videos. Each video and its corresponding workbook section will highlight topic points and provide steps to help you implement the key action steps.

  1. Security Plan Components
  2. Equipment and Software Inventory – Tallying What You Have
  3. Passwords – Creating Strong Passwords
  4. Backups – Making Secured Copies
  5. Viruses – Protecting Your Office from Malware
  6. Wireless – Limiting Your Exposure
  7. Firewalls – Stopping Hackers at the Door
  8. E-commerce – Buying and Selling Safely Online
  9. Employee Policies – Protecting the Company and Your Employees

Once you have completed all nine videos and workbook sections, you will have a security plan document that can be shared with employees for buy-in and implementation.


Quick Overview