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NEBRASKA – Power of Business, Share – Learn – Do

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Does your business need help with mobile information, effective networking, creating an online presence, or using e-commerce to grow your business? If so, the innovative program, Power of Business, is a source you can use to answer these questions and more. Through the collaborative efforts of professionals at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension, North Dakota State University and University of Vermont, the Power of Business program utilizes the “Sharing information – Learning from others – Doing what makes sense” approach to help entrepreneurs succeed.

The Power of Business assists small, rural business owners in networking and learning from each other. All support is offered entirely online, providing “anyplace-anytime” information about marketing, startups, tech tips, best practices and upcoming events. Initial help is available at no charge. More in-depth programming and support is being developed based on needs and may have a fee attached.

Each month, Extension professionals publish a newsletter about up-to-date e-commerce practices, tips and resources. Rather than having to search for the information – the Power of Business program delivers it to you! Subscribe to the Power of Business monthly eNewsletter at http://powerofbusiness.net

Friday 15 Live Chats is an interactive way for entrepreneurs to Share – Learn – Do. Each month, on the first Friday, for 15 minutes, Extension experts interview an entrepreneur to highlight what works well for their business. As the interview takes place you can interact with the entrepreneurs live via the chat box and ask them to address your questions and concerns. If you miss the live chat you can always view the recorded interview along with additional educational videos on the Power of Business YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerofBusiness.

Power of Business also hosts a blog where Extension experts share additional information to address the e-commerce needs of small, rural business owners and help businesses make wise decisions about their business practices. You can follow the blog at http://powerofbusiness.net/blog/.

For more information contact:

Glenn Muske – NDSU – glenn.muske@ndsu.edu
Connie Hancock – UNL Extension – chancock1@unl.edu
Mary Peabody – UVM –mary.peabody@uvm.edu
Beth Holtzman – UVM –beth.holtzman@uvm.edu