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General Overview

Going Global: A Guide for e-Commerce Expansion is a worksheet driven learning module that seeks to orientate the already e-commerce savvy business owner to the possibility of marketing to foreign based customers. Each step of the learning process allows for a greater understanding into the payoffs and challenges of doing business with clients outside of the United States. Once completed, the learner will have a fundamental knowledge as to how to proceed with global customer expansion and yet remain within a stated business budget and true to a workable business goals timeline.

To be clear, each business goal is reviewed, and a timeline set up that includes budgetary consideration. Once more concise business goals are established, the business owner is then encouraged to pursue intense research in online foreign consumer markets. This begins with a review of current customer orders to determine if an out-of-country interest in the products being offered already exists.

Once potential foreign markets have been identified further research into shipping legalities, address and phone number formatting, time zone changes, and the like are required. Additionally, each learner will want to consider any language barriers that might cause communication problems between merchant and client. Lastly, banking and the processing of payments will need to be fully investigated so that fraud and other potential problems dealing with currency exchange can be avoided.

Finally, with greater understanding of targeted foreign markets, the entrepreneur will then need to make decisions on Web design. These decisions include changes to the ordering process for an efficient shopping experience, the use of wording and the possibility of translation as well as the use of colors and symbols. This learning module requires that each step in the process be given intense attention so as to be aware of details in adding unfamiliar client markets to a business plan, however with some examination and planning the process can become aligned with existing business goals and streamlined into normal business practices.

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