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Bricks to Clicks

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Five local businesses in Woodville, MS were chosen to participate in the Bricks to Clicks program developed by Dr. James Barnes, Ph.D., an Extension Professor in the Agricultural Economics Department at Mississippi State University. Bricks to Clicks is an eight week social media adventure where each business owner is given the opportunity to have a specific social media marking plan developed, created, and put into action. Chance McDavid, Senior Extension Associate at MSU, guides each business owner, step-by-step, to enhance or develop a Facebook page, Web page and Moble apps. Through the use of Apple TV and Ipads, participants are able to learn to interact and connect using technology. Because no two businesses are the same, Dr. Barnes stated, “The goal is to take businesses and get them online in whatever form that may be, for whom they are, and what phase of business they are in.”

Networking also plays a part in helping the business grow. Participants are also encouraged to use other avenues such as radio and newspapers to promote their new social media applications. One of the participants stated their goal is to “help my business gain the recognition that is needed to reach the maximum housing allotted for my daycare.” Another stated, “I would like to show our small town has much to offer and make it appealing for people to come and shop.” So no matter the business avenue, or desired goal, Bricks to Clicks can help business owners lean how social media can promote and grow their businesses.

Bricks to Clicks is supported by Mississippi State University Extension Center for Technology Outreach and the Extension Broadband Education and Adoption Team (e-BEAT).

In addition you can view Dr. Barnes’ new blog dedicated to helping entrepreneurs understand Facebook economics in business at facebookeconomics101.com

About Bricks to Clicks

If you are interested in more information about Bricks to Clicks, please contact Dr. James Barnes, PhD. at 662-325-1796.