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Facebook is a social networking site allowing users, businesses, and organization to communicate with each other. Users can follow other users or groups allowing up to the minute information to be exchanged immediately. Additionally, this global network is organized into smaller networks classified by city, state, school, or organization.

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Also known as Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, RSS is a Web feed. It provides a way for readers to organize a syndicate of news and information from multiple Web sites. To combine and read your feeds, there is software available for your desktop or mobile; also available are Web-based readers on sites such as Google and Yahoo. These are generally known as "feed readers" or "aggregators," and will check the feeds you follow regularly for new items.

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Twitter is another social networking site, however unlike Facebook, it doesn't contain as much information. Instead, Twitter is driven off simple, short, and concise tweets (mini post) to update followers with information. For personal use, it is used to let people know what you are doing. Recently, organizations have started creating Twitter accounts to keep its followers updated on current news and events within.

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