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Upcoming Level 3 Training for Winter 2012: Sustainable Communities

Want to know more about the principles of sustainability and systems thinking? Here's the starting line. Covering how we got here and what sustainability means to community, this introduction helps you understand some of the models of sustainable communities and why so many communities are wrestling with sustainability issues like energy and local food.

Tapping into a long legacy of one of the country's most respected organizations, this training, brought to you by the Cooperative Extension Service and Regional Rural Development Centers, will provide you the resources and strategies to support your work in communities.

Best of all, this program comes to you, literally! Each week from Jan. 19 through March 8, 2012, via Adobe Connect and Moodle online, an Extension Specialist will deliver world-class training to you in your office, conference room or even home.

Key Topics

  • Production, consumption and distribution of both renewable and non-renewable energy
  • Holistic approaches for sustainable community food systems
  • Implications of sustainability on community economic development
  • Respecting and restoring natural resources
  • Mobilizing community groups to take action on sustainability issues

Learn more about this upcoming training and register today!