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The Regional Rural Development Centers and the national CRED program leaders recognize the increasing need for all Extension professionals who work in a community context to have basic knowledge and skills in the processes, tools and techniques of community development work. To address this need, a conceptual framework has been developed to provide a common language and understanding of community development work.

Originally referred to as the Foundations of Practice: Community Development Core Competencies for Extension Professionals, this framework was developed by a national team and presented at the inaugural National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals conference in February 2005. It is composed of three major levels (formerly components):

  1. Understanding Communities and Their Dynamics (Level One)
  2. Developing Successful Community Initiatives (Level Two)
  3. Areas of Specialization and Emphasis (Level Three)

This Web site contains additional information on the three levels, as well as information on how these levels are being implemented across Extension.

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