Measuring Impact

National Community Resource and Economic Development Indicators Team

The National Community Resource and Economic Development (CRED) Indicators Team is a self-directed group of Extension professionals who strive to tell compelling stories at state, local, and national levels about the collective impact of their community and economic development work. Since 2015, this team has hosted webinars to highlight CRED success stories from Extension programs around the nation.

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Southern Region Initiatives

The initiatives from the Southern Region include collecting indicators from states in the region to show the collective impact of Extension programs to regional and national stakeholders. These impacts include 29 universities reporting on the  number of jobs created/retained, businesses created,  value of in-kind resources contributed by organizations/communities, number of plans adopted and implemented in community, agency, local government, business or disaster, and others.                   

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Ripple Effect Mapping (REM)

Ripple mapping is used to discover the impacts of community projects or programs. REM sessions combine several evaluation techniques to produce "maps" that tell the story of a program.

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