Special Topics
Policy Series

Population, Employment and Mobility in the Rural South

Thematic area: Rural-Urban Interface

Mitch Renkow, North Carolina State University

February 2004, Number 3

This article discusses recent trends in population and employment growth in the South and the attendant impacts on rural communities. The South is no exception to the nationwide phenomenon of deconcentration of people and jobs, a phenomenon that bears very significant consequences both for the residents of rural communities and the local governments that provide (and must pay for) essential public services.

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Children and Poverty in the Rural South

Thematic area: Economic and Workforce Development

Rosalind P. Harris and Julie N. Zimmerman, University of Kentucky

November 2003, Number 2

This report examines child and family poverty within the rural South, the forces that perpetuate poverty, and the long term consequences of poverty for children, families, communities and the region as a whole.

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Workforce Development Networks in Rural Areas of the United States

Thematic area: Economic and Workforce Development

Gary Paul Green, University of Wisconsin

September 2003, Number 1

This premier issue, written by Gary Green at the University of Wisconsin, examines how workforce development networks are organized, why employers and community colleges participate in them, and the factors influencing their success.

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