2012 Grant Awardees

The RIDGE Center @ the SRDC is pleased to formally announce its second slate of doctoral dissertation grantees:

- Emily Heberlein
- Julia Ferrara Waity
- Amber Haroldson

We are pleased to announce the following individuals were awarded research grants as part of the 2012 RIDGE Center for Targeted Studies competitive grants program. These projects have launched and are slated to be completed fall 2013.

- Maryah Fram, Edward A. Frongillo, Jr, and Lorrene Ritchie
- Tracey Burke and Susannah Morgan
- Colleen Heflin
- Neil Bania and Laura Leete

Learn more about these awarded opportunities for 2012.


The Economic Research Service provides Research Innovation and Development Grants in Economics to stimulate innovative research on food and nutrition assistance issues. The SRDC is one of two partnership institutions.

Recipients for 2012


Understanding the Relationship Among Child Food Insecurity, Diet Quality, and Physical Activity in Non-Metropolitian Versus Metropolitan Households

Maryah Fram, University of South Carolina
Edward Frongilo, Jr., University of South Carolina
Lorrene Ritchie, University of South Carolina

The Experience of Food Insecurity and Nutrition Assistance in Rural Alaska

Tracey Burke, University of Alaska – Anchorage
Susannah Morgan, University of Alaska – Anchorage

Participation in the National School Lunch Program and Food Security: A Regression Discontinuity Design Analysis of Transitions in Kindergarten

Colleen Heflin, University of Missouri

How Does Short-Term Household Income Volatility Affect Food Assistance Recipiency?

Neil Bania, University of Oregon
Laura Leete, University of Oregon


Comparative Effectiveness of Group Prenatal Care on Women's Food Insecurity and Psychosocial Health

Emily Heberlein, University of South Carolina

Is There a Persistent Rural-Urban Divide? Spatial Inequalities in Food Insecurity and the Impact of the Great Recession

Julia Ferrara Waity, Indiana University

Food Choices: Socio-Economic Determinants and Consequences

Amber Haroldson, University of North Carolina -- Greensboro


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