SERA-37 Latinos in the New South

Overview of SERA-37

The SERA-37 Latinos in the New South brings together Extension and Research personnel from Southern Region land-grant universities and their partners to exchange ideas and develop projects to further the understanding and engagement of Latino communities. Our Plan of Work for 2015-2017 was developed through a facilitated process with a group of 25 participants from 7 states at the 2015 Annual Meeting held August 27-28, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. Work Groups and their leadership were established for the following priority areas:

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What is a SERA?

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A SERA is a Southern Extension and Research Activity, a multi-state project involving Extension and Research personnel to exchange ideas and conduct collaborative programs focused on a timely and important issue affecting the Southern Region. SERA-37 Latinos in the New South involves Extension faculty and educators, land-grant university researchers, and community and organizational partners in better understanding the Latino community, developing programming, becoming more culturally competent as an organization, and building bridges between long-time residents and new immigrants.

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