Your involvement in SET offers your regional SET team an excellent opportunity to build stronger relationships across a wide variety of people, institutions and organizations. These connections will be critical as you focus your time and effort -- through the series of SET modules -- to create a sound economic development blueprint for your region.


First Year Target

While many factors will shape your region’s success in this important undertaking, the most critical benchmark that your region will reach during your first year is the establishment of a high quality regional economic development plan. The essential components of a high quality plan are interwoven into the SET curriculum to help guide you toward the development of a plan that will serve as a solid foundation on which to build your region’s economic future.

Connecting the Pieces

These two documents are intricately connected as each draws strength from the other. The document below shows the linkages. The orange boxes to the right side in each section of the document help identify areas within the template where the various elements of the High Quality Plan can and should be showcased.

Guiding the Process

SET provides two overarching guiding documents to help facilitate the plan development.

Providing Feedback

An assessment tool has been developed that will allow for a review panel to evaluate and offer suggestions to your plan. This panel will be made up of other SET regional team members, trainers, and curriculum authors. The assessment tool is here for your review.