Stronger Economies Together

SET Stories

Northern Neck of Virginia

The Northern Neck region of Virginia is characterized by a regional spirit and supported by a love for the region’s history and geography. In order to be more economically competitive as a region, the SET team focused on improving the infrastructure to support businesses, teaching valuable workplace skills, establishing a business-friendly environment and capitalizing on the region’s natural charm for tourism. Ultimately, the plan has paid off as the region is continuing to experience success.

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Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor

Before the SET initiative was used to create an economic blueprint for the region, the Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor region faced low economic activity and population declines, especially in the rural areas farther from the highway. The SET team focused on expanding the region’s aerospace industry and making the agriculture industry more efficient as well improving community amenities that would enhance the quality of life for residents. Now, through collaboration with the Western Oklahoma I-40 Corridor team and the community, great strides have been made to securing the region’s economic future and positioning it as a competitive region.

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Virginia Growth Alliance

Virginia’s Growth Alliance (VGA) is establishing a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem that is community focused. By establishing an entrepreneurial blueprint that provides training, technical assistance and financing programs, VGA makes more business dreams a reality by providing assistance for the diverse challenges an entrepreneur may face. Using the SET model, VGA has become the first “go-to” economic organization in the region due to the educational and technical resources in place to support the small business climate.

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South Central North Carolina

Sandhills Country of North Carolina used the SET initiative to create a more vibrant economy in the region, primarily in agriculture. The passion of local leaders, farmers and those advocating for change made their vision a reality. By preserving farm and timberland, training young farmers, encouraging residents to buy local and celebrating the value of agriculture to the Sandhills economy, the SET program is growing stronger with each passing year. The team is furthering their impact by connecting with other organizations and institutions, and the region is experiencing significant economic growth.

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Western Nevada Development District

The effects of the recession are unmistakable, and the Western Nevada Development District (WNDD) was among the rural areas across the nation facing economic hardship. Employment levels were low, and there was also an evident need to enhance workforce education and skill training. To combat these declining education and workforce trends that have been apparent in Nevada for some time, something had to be done. The solution came when the WNDD was selected to be a region for Stronger Economies Together (SET) training in Nevada.

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