Upcoming Trainings & Events

Southern CRD Webinar Series: The Georgia Initiative for Community Housing: Addressing Housing Issues from the Bottom Up

March 19, 2020 @ 10am CT/11am ET

This webinar presentation will provide a general overview of housing issues in the U.S. and more specifically the Southeast as well as, outline the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH). It will provide details about how the program operates and outline some successful communities.

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Public Issues Leadership Development Conference: Arlington, VA

April 5-8, 2020

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2020 National Health Outreach Conference: Kansas City, MO

May 13-15, 2020

With the theme of “The Grand Challenge: Building a Healthy Future for All,” there will be sessions related to Nutrition, Health, 4-H Youth Development, Workforce Development, Human Development, and many other topics. The call for proposals will go out in mid-December.

National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals Annual Conference: Portsmouth, NH

May 31 - June 3, 2020

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19th Annual Cambio de Colores Conference: St. Louis, MO

June 17-19, 2020

The conference theme this year is “Embracing Differences and Empowering Communities”. Although many people work hard to welcome and integrate immigrants and Latin@s/Latinxs/Hispanics into their communities, there remains increasingly negative rhetoric at local, state, and federal levels, which marginalizes newcomers, sometimes even denying them access to basic public services. With the upcoming election, 2020 marks an important year for the possibility of political and social change by mobilizing Latin@s/Latinxs/Hispanics and immigrants to participate in the elections and to be counted in the Census. Including our communities in these important activities can be empowering.

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International Workshop on Agritourism: Burlington, VT

October 27-29, 2020

Farmers, researchers, agricultural service providers, tourism professionals, and others interested in agritourism are invited to the International Workshop on Agritourism October 27-29 in Burlington, Vermont. Learn about the latest research and best practices, tour farms in the region, and share your experiences with agritourism. Build community among all practicing, studying, and supporting agritourism globally.

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