Upcoming Trainings & Events

Souther CRD Webinar Series:
CPTED, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

July 24, 2018 @ 1:00pm CT/2:00pm ET

Practitioners, volunteers, and users can learn how design, management, and positive use of the environment can reduce fear of places & discourage opportunities for crime. In turn, they can sustain or improve the quality of public spaces and places in our communities and their intended benefits. Basic CPTED concepts & case studies will be highlighted.

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Community Development Society’s Annual International Conference: Detroit, MI

July 22-25, 2018

The Community Development Society (CDS) is requesting proposals for refereed presentations and posters relating to community development for presentation at the 2018 Community Development Society Conference, July 22-25, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. Submissions relating to the conference theme, “Renaissance of Community” are encouraged, but all submissions will be given full consideration.

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2018 Urban Food Systems Symposium: Minneapolis, MN

August 8-11, 2018

Our goal is to bring together a national and international audience of academic and research-oriented professionals to share and gain knowledge on urban food systems and the role they play in global food security.

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Data Science for the Public Good Symposium: Arlington, VA

August 9, 2018

Please join us for this summer's Data Science for the Public Good (DSPG) Symposium where our DSPG students and fellows will present their research projects. This symposium will highlight how the DSPG program equips new generations of scientists with the skills they need to develop data-driven policy and decision-making.

2018 National Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit: Arlington, VA

September 15-18, 2018

Please save-the-date USDA’s 2018 National Direct Agricultural Marketing Summit (“Summit”), conducted in partnership with the Food Distribution Research Society, National Value-Added Agriculture Conference, Farmers Market Coalition, and Farm Credit Council. This Summit, the first of its kind in the United States, will feature topics on new resources intended to assist farmers market managers and direct marketing farmers; recent research and data on direct-to-consumer (DTC) markets; and technical assistance workshops led by USDA staff and FMPP grantees. The Summit will provide technical assistance to ascertain existing business training gaps and identify ways that DTC marketing enterprises can improve the effectiveness of their day-to-day operations. The Summit will include sessions on data collection and communicating impacts; using technology for data visualization and mapping resources; developing business and marketing plans; and sharing value-added agricultural resources available for producers. Best of all, there will be numerous networking opportunities throughout the Summit to form partnerships and solidify all that you learn!

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National Summit for Gateway Communities: Shepherdstown, West Virginia

December 11-13, 2018

This three-day summit will bring together gateway communities, their partners and experts from conservation, community and economic development, recreation and tourism, planning, and other creative fields to highlight success stories and lessons learned while engaging in robust discussions that lead to specific actions for invigorating the future of gateway and rural communities.

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National Sustainability Summit: Tampa, FL

April 16-19, 2019

Sustainable Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Conference: Astoria, OR

October 8-10, 2019

Join colleagues including University Extension and Sea Grant professionals, other faculty, agency, students and industry representatives working on tourism and outdoor recreation. Present and learn about research, case studies, sustainability and funding modes, educational program materials etc. Open to all interested individuals. Mobile presentations will visit coastal community projects and environments.

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