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Tech wizards

Mississippi 4-H’ers, the MS Tech Wizards, developed a program to show others how beneficial it is to use social media to market a product or service and to assist in establishing social media plans. These high school students offer training to government agencies, elected officials, small business owners, and service agencies, relating to benefits of using social media such as Twitter and Facebook. With an investment of $29,000 from TransCanada this year, the 4-H team expanded its program to include a stronger focus on emergency response across key cities in Mississippi. The 4-H'ers met with Lucedale Mayor Doug Lee, the local fire and police department, the development association, chamber of commerce and other emergency management professionals, to train them on how to use social media to quickly communicate with the public and each other in times of emergency.

The savvy Tech Wizards have trained several counties in Mississippi by working with the 4-H agent in that area and connecting with the Mayor, Fire Dept. Emergency Management, and Local businesses. The Tech Wizards also traveled to Paris, TN and trained a group of Tennessee 4-H'ers in how to implement the program.

Dr. Linda Mitchell, 4-H Youth Development Specialist, spoke about the success of the program, saying, “We felt good after the TN training. For young people, still in school deciding what they want to do with their lives, to volunteer time to assist others is a great thing. The trainers (our 4-H youth) also derive the benefits of a stronger resume, increased network, communication and leadership skills.”

Almost all the participating 4-H trainers have been offered jobs related to technology. The 4-H Tech team was invited by Senator Wicker to the Youth and Technology Dinner. 4-H’er, Marissa Landon spoke at the dinner in Washington D.C. in front of a very prestigious crowd. Afterwards she was approached by a representative from one of the major newspapers in DC and was offered a job. The representative was surprised to find she was still in high school and noted how well she spoke and how knowledgeable she was.

For more information about MS Tech Wizards opportunities in your area, or to request additional information, please contact Dr. Linda Mitchell, Ph.D. at lindam@ext.msstate.edu or 662-539-1733.