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NDEET is made up of Extension professionals and interested partners passionate about digital applications. NDEET believes Extension can play a unique and significant role in educating communities across the country on the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. NDEET is also a network of faculty, educators, and specialists that compiles a list of educational and planning resources used to increase awareness, access & availability and adoption & utilization of broadband. In addition, NDEET conducts research to further contribute knowledge and best practices to these efforts.

NDEET Webinar

The COVID-19 crisis has shown an even harsher light on the digital divide that already plagues the nation. As individuals began efforts to work or learn from home, people that lack broadband access or skills struggle to keep up. What can Cooperative Extension do to help bolster resources to these communities? The National Digital Extension Education Team will share practical guidance into what has been successful in navigating these challenges. Join us for a one hour webinar to explore together.
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Working Groups

Connecting Communities

Helping communities organize and think through options for increasing broadband access.

Stacey McCullough

Assistant Director – Community and Economic Development

University of Arkansas

Sreedhar Upendram

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics

University of Tennessee





Strengthening & Establishing Partnerships

Reaching out to partners on the federal, state, and local levels to stregthen our joint efforts to promote e-connectivity and usage in underserved areas.

Monica Babine

Senior Associate, Program for Digital Initiatives

Washington State University

Gail Huycke

Community Development Specialist

University of Wisconsin

Kenneth Sherin

County Extension Director

North Carolina Cooperative Extension






Promoting Digital Literacy

Aiding people, businesses, and governments in expanding their abilities to use broadband access once it is available.

Roberto Gallardo

Assistant Director/Community and Regional Economics Specialist

Purdue Center for Regional Development Center

Terrence Wolkfork

Assistant Extension Administrator

Fort Valley State University







Seek to identify and address the most pressing research questions around broadband adoption and use.

Roberto Gallardo

Assistant Director/Community and Regional Economics Specialist

Purdue Center for Regional Development Center

Brian Whitacre

Professor, Dept. of Agricultural Economics

Oklahoma State University






Other Team Members

Neal Vines

Director, Information Technology

Virginia Tech






SRDC Staff

Rachel Welborn

Associate Director

Southern Rural Development Center

Carmen Kelly

Communications Coordinator

Southern Rural Development Center