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General Overview

---This curriculum and successful e-commerce ventures that your clients will engage in depends on you!

The objective of this curriculum is to provide guidance and encouragement to people that may have limited computer skills as they begin to explore the opportunities offered by small-scale Internet-based businesses.

In order to do this we, the educators, must instill confidence in our clients' abilities to use e-commerce for the fulfillment of personal goals. In fostering this confidence we must provide technical support and computer know-how as they are developing their internet skills.

This learning module provides case studies of successful businesses that can be used as role models. In addition, learners can also use examples from their own lives and community such as neighbors who produce and sell products online, operate small farmers and engage in truck farming activities, participate in local farmers markets, and persons in the community who are known to make special products such as jams, jellies, toys, quilts or other craft products. Participants may also be directed to our case studies learning module, where they can see other good examples of rural businesses.

Facilitating a free flowing discussion in which all group members are encouraged to participate, including Extension educators, can help new e-commerce students identify these financial, social and psychological desired rewards. The most important part of the role of the educator is to help learners understand that their life skills have value and that products they make can be sold over the Internet.

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