Enhancing Your Business Using Social Media

Connecting the community and its members to the world through the Internet is becoming increasingly essential for community vitality. Yet, within rural communities, this task can be challenging. Connecting Communities, the most recently released curriculum in the National E-Commerce Initiative, is designed to help rural communities conquer this challenge. Developed by William Shuffstall, Sheila Sager, Rae Montgomery, & Dana Noonan, this guide is designed to enhance the use and adoption of information technology tools and infrastructure in rural communities. Cooperative extension educators and community leaders can use this guide to improve:

  • The availability of access to broadband connectivity across the community;
  • The ability of organizations in the community to use digital technology to achieve their mission and goals; and
  • The ability of individuals in the community to use digital technology to improve their social and economic well-being.

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Updated March 2011 by Bill Shuffstall, Penn State Extension, Monica Babine, Washington State Extension and Andy Lewis, University of Wisconsin Extension.