Every day, community organizations, government officials, business owners and educators are faced
with the challenge of connecting with their constituents and clientele. Perhaps you are thinking about developing or enhancing your community or institution’s presence on the Internet, but it seems like a daunting task. What kind of presence should you have? Who will manage it? How much time will it take? Who decides what material goes on the site? The potential options are as wide ranging as the reasons or opportunities that might originate from such a venture. Whether your community is seeking to upgrade its existing presence on the World Wide Web, or if you are discussing the concept for the very first time, this course serves as a launching point to learn more about:

  • Internet usage trends
  • Process of developing a website on a community level
  • Types of “community” websites
  • Website management (ownership and hosting,
    design, content, construction)
  • Effectively marketing your community online

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