Dave Shideler

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The Southern Rural Development Center is proud to honor Dr. David Shideler as the 2013 recipient of the Bonnie Teater Community Development Early Career Achievement Award. Shideler is a member of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Shideler joined OSU in 2008 and quickly developed strong Extension programs and research in economic development. Speaking about Dr. Shideler’s work, Department Head, Dr. Mike Woods noted, “The state economy and many communities in the state have seen significant tangible economic benefits in part because of his contributions to economic outreach.” His long list of accomplishments includes over 125 reports on retail analysis, economic impact analysis and sustainable community/strategic planning. Additionally he has developed curriculum for the National e-Commerce Initiative of the Southern Rural Development Center.

On behalf of Shideler’s nomination, Dr. Philip Watson, Department of Economics & Rural Sociology at the University of Idaho stated, “I am impressed with Dr. Shideler’s research as well as his almost unparalleled track record of delivering effective community economic development outreach. Dave has a great national reputation; so much so that he was asked to be the Chair the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association’s Community Economics Network.”

Speaking of Shideler’s involvement in one specific community, OSU colleague Dr. Renee Dougherty wrote, “He has provided compassionate and stimulating leadership. I have personally observed how Dr. Shideler’s can-do approach has motivated the citizenry and elected officials to work through discouragement and stay on task.”

Robert Toole, Oklahoma Conservation Programs Division Director described working with Shideler in these terms, “I had the personal privilege of working with Dr. Shideler during the development of the model that has become a very relevant tool for the conservation program in Oklahoma. In the course of the year that we worked together on the special project I came to respect and admire Dr. Shideler as a professional, as a business associate and as a person. His character, integrity, principles and standards were uncompromising as he endeavored to display exemplary performance serving others in every area of his life.

Clearly, Dr. Shideler’s impressive portfolio of contributions in economic development, including publications, presentations, community analyses and collaborative networks, both in-state and nationally position him as very deserving of this prestigious awards. Thus, it is most fitting that Dr. David Shideler be honored as the Southern Rural Development Center 2013 recipient of the Bonnie Teater Community Development Early Career Achievement Award.

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