1. SRDC 50th Anniversary Website

    The Regional Rural Development Centers were established under the Rural Development Act of 1972, and the Southern Rural Development Center (SRDC) was operational in 1974, with the first plan of work approved that spring. The SRDC is excited to celebrate our 50th anniversary of “serving the south since 1974.”

  2. National Agritourism Survey Seeking Input from Farms that Welcome Visitors

    The 2024 National Agritourism Survey is now collecting responses, and you are invited to participate! All agricultural operations that welcome visitors – whether for on-farm education, direct sales, entertainment, recreation, special events, and more – are invited to complete the survey. Your insights are crucial if you have or offer any of the following on your farm: a farmstand, a petting zoo, education or rent event space, pick-your-own, farm stays, or other on-farm experiences.

  3. SRDC 50th Anniversary, Letter from the Director

    Southern Rural Development Center Celebrating 50 Years of Work With the onset of the Spring season, it seems an appropriate time to both celebrate the history of the Southern Rural Development Center (SRDC) and to envision an even brighter future.

  4. SRDC Staff: Leah Mitchell Transitions to Business Manager Position

    After three years with the Southern Rural Development Center, Cindy DeFelice, Business Manager, is transitioning to a new position at the University of Mississippi. Although we will miss Cindy and her efforts to expand the Center's capacity, SRDC is pleased to announce the selection of Leah Mitchell to fill the position.

  5. Recently Released: SRDC 2023 Annual Report

    The 2023 Annual Report from the Southern Rural Development Center (SRDC) focuses attention on the important work of "Empowering Partnerships for Community Development."