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This self-paced lesson is meant to encourage a level of independent learning in which the learner selects areas of focus, their own time lines to acquire new skills and complete worksheets and learning timeouts as well as formulate their individual goals based on the contained information. Facilitation with a group of learners working together should encompass conversations about the content, so that students have a chance to learn from one another as they pass through the learning module.

In addition, this learning module is meant as a supplement to other existing learning modules on this site. Whoever your group of learners, this module coupled with information from other existing modules will complete the learning process. Here are some examples:

For crafters with fairs and festival schedules, where creativity and food production fuse. 

artisans module

For beginners, who have a clear vision but need to practice online sales and Web development techniques.

beginners module

For those that seek to understand how food products can fit into the new idea of the experience economy.

experienced economy module


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