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General Overview

Creativity is the single most sought-after attribute in the business world today—not surprisingly, since it is unquestionably the driving force behind today’s global economy.
– Harvey Seifter, Director, Creativity Connection, Arts & Business Council

Course Objectives: All of the objectives are intended to strengthen the cultural economy and its contributors—the artisan business by:

  • providing artisans with a sense of the importance of the creative economy to which they contribute;
  • understanding the changing demographics of consumers of craft and other influences on the craft culture;
  • educating artisan business owners on the benefits and limitations of e-commerce;
  • developing an understanding of how to maximize the use of the Internet to extend artisan business resources, and locate markets, customers, and networks that can strengthen their businesses;
  • applying sound business management best practices in Internet business management; and
  • learning best practices related to Web design and management.

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