Stronger Economies Together
Phase 3


SET Planning Guide


Partners Matrix

SET Training Summary Report Template

Roles & Responsibilities

Attendance Template

Participant's Manual Cover

High Quality Plan Guidance

SET Regional Plan Template

Next Step Form - Submit after Module 9

Certificate of Completion

Module One: (expand)

The SET Initiative: An Introduction(Time: 1 hour)

Module Two: (expand)

Profiling Your Region (Time: 3 hours)

Module Three: (expand)

Building a Strong Regional Team (Time: 4 hours)

Module Four: (expand)

Developing Your Vision and Goals (Time: 4 hours)

Module Five: (expand)

Focusing on Regional Comparative Advantage (Time: 6 hours)

Module Six: (expand)

Exploring Strategies for Enhancing the Regional Economy (Time: 4 hours)

Module Seven: (expand)

Discovering Regional Assets & Barriers (Time: 5 hours)

Module Eight: (expand)

Planning for Success (Time: 4 hours)

Module Nine: (expand)

Measuring for Success (Time: 4 hours)

Post Assessment