Digital Skill Building and Digital Volunteer Initiative

Digital Access Continuum

Digital Access Continuum Graphic

Digital Access Continuum (Download this Infographic - PDF)


Digital Volunteer Initiative Materials

Digital Skills Lessons

Buying and Selling Online [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Computer Basics [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Connecting to Government Resources [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Internet Safety for Kids [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Internet Safety, Ethics, and Identifying Credible Sources [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Introduction to Email [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Introduction to Microsoft Word: A Word Processing Program [PPT] [Handout]

Netiquette [PPT] [Activity] [Handout]

Saving, Recovering, and Sharing Data and Files [PPT] [Handout]

Social Media Savvy [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Tablets and Smartphones [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Zoom Hosting Basics [PPT] [Video] [Handout]

Zoom Participant [PPT] [Video] [Handout]